Student Courses

As an option to our classroom curriculum the Beyond This mentoring system is available to any child or teen to take independently or with a certified Beyond This Life Mentor, helping them to develop self-awareness and life skills to attack the world with passion and purpose. Your child will come to know who they are and, through our on-line course, will be able to make those lifestyle changes that help them become the best version of themselves, giving a new faith and confidence in their abilities.

Your child is unique, and we use our behavioral assessment to identify the traits and characteristics that will motivate and help them better understand their actions – why they act the way they do. Using the results of that assessment, you or a trained certified Beyond This Life Mentor now have the tools to help your child or teen know the next steps for life – helping to develop a workable, positive plan for their future.  

Our online course will help your child overcome hurdles like lack of direction and connectedness. They will become more self-aware, more coachable and will learn to better handle emotions like peer pressure, stress, tension and anxiety. They will understand why grit, resilience and being more coachable are important life skills. Practical life skills like organization and understanding money matters are also covered. In short, the Beyond This course gives your child the tools to develop the skills they need to succeed and understand themselves in a way that gives them confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

There are two ways to enroll.  Beyond This can either be self-led or your child has the opportunity to take the course with a trained and certified Beyond This Life Mentor.

If you would like your child to go through our self-led program, please click on the appropriate grade level box below for more information.

If you would like your child to have the opportunity to work with a certified Beyond This Life Mentor click here for more information.