Children become empowered and gain confidence in their abilities.

Teens develop a game plan for life, giving them hope for the future.

Adults better cope with life situations that can seem impossible.

Everyone gains a new perspective on life.

What is Beyond This?
•  A community of support for struggling youth, teens, and adults
• An assessment to help clarify current life situations
• A curriculum tied to the assessment to map a life of purpose
Mentors for support and guidance
• A nonprofit dedicated to helping our community navigate life

Children & teen

Parents who want to help their children develop their own talents to overcome struggles and create a game plan and passion for life 

Find A
Beyond This
Life Mentor

Parents who want to help their child navigate the Beyond This program with a Life Mentor to help develop a game plan for life


Adults seeking direction, passion and purpose for life’s next steps

Behavioral Assessment

Adults or parents who are interested in the behavioral assessment without a comprehensive Beyond This program

Classroom Curriculum

Teachers or administrators who want to learn more about Beyond This for the classroom

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Donate a scholarship to fund a Beyond This participant in need

Hear what students, parents, and teachers are saying about Beyond This.

our mentoring community Transforms Lives 

By Turning Struggles into Strengths

Beyond This, a nonprofit mentoring community, impacts the lives of those struggling to find a way to get “beyond” whatever life challenges they are experiencing. We stand beside you as mentors on your journey, giving you the tools and support you need to succeed. We help you to establish a life plan and a future of promise with our BREAD philosophy:

Build Hope
Reject Fear
Eliminate Isolation
Accept Truth
Discover Purpose

If you, or someone you know, is struggling, Beyond This can help with:

  • stress, anxiety and tension
  • lack of direction
  • lack of connecting with others
  • ability to accept coaching
  • significant peer pressure
  • frustration in relationships (social, school or family)
  • trouble managing emotions
  • lack of empathy
  • lack of self-awareness

Students Experience a 62% Increase in Life Coping Abilities
Over the past 3 years students who have utilized the Beyond This assessment and curriculum have experienced a 62% increase in overall well-being in these areas and others:

  • being more self-aware
  • feeling less stressed
  • better at managing emotions
  • feeling more confident
  • becoming more self-directed
  • being more coachable
  • having higher GPAs
  • developing life-direction skills
  • having a growth mindset
  • developing leadership skills
  • being more empathetic
  • better prepared for college

Testimonies from those changed by Beyond This

Beyond This Can Change Your Life or the Life of Someone You Love

Beyond This changed my life. I was able to discover new things about myself, my passions, and the path on which I was about to walk. I was able to learn how to love well, live passionately, and was worthy of my calling.
– Kirstin Spohn, Beyond This Class Alumni

It helped me realize how other people live their lives. (It’s) not just about myself.
Conner Helmen, Cathedral High School Peer Mentor

Beyond This challenged me to look and search within myself. I had to dig through the many layers that have built up over the years to find out what is going on deep down inside of me. I was able to see clearly where I am headed. I learned things about myself that I did not even know were there. Through Beyond This I was taught my craziest dream could come true.
– Jayla Newton, Beyond This Class Alumni

It taught me about myself and others. I’m more aware of others and their emotions and the affect I have on them.
Morgen Sell, Cathedral High School Peer Mentor

I watched my daughter transform so much this past year. Thank you so very much for all that you have done to help these young men and women change in their own personal life.
– Karen Morris, mother of a Beyond This Student

As a teacher it is exciting to hear from students that they learned a great deal about themselves from the assessment results. Many of them have begun to recognize the “why” behind some of their behaviors and look forward to the classes each week where they can learn how to overcome these obstacles and move forward toward being better leaders. We envision being partnered with the Beyond This team for many years and fostering outstanding leaders of the future!
Cindy Smith, Teacher, Greenwood Christian Schools

I have focused on how to handle problems and overcome my struggles better.
Meg Walker, Cathedral High School Peer Mentor

Cathedral, as a a school founded in the tradition of the Brothers of the Holy Cross, seeks as its final goal for her students – Transformation. As a person who has participated in both the Holy Cross tradition and the Beyond This program I can say that Beyond This was transformational for many of the students, and in particular those seniors who were involved with both the assessment and the curriculum. As an educational institution, we strive to inform, integrate and transform which matches the goals of Beyond This.
Dr. Tom Greer, Vice Principal for Student Affairs, Cathedral High School

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