Being divorced is like a continual death as you deal with your loss on a regular basis.  No matter how much you like or don’t like your ex-spouse, you will be dealing with them for most, if not all of your life, especially if you have children together.  At some point, you decided or your ex-spouse decided, it was time to leave because of various reasons, maybe your expectations weren’t met, financial losses, extra-marital affairs or whatever the reason was, it’s time to get Beyond This Divorce.  As a result, why not take a big step of honestly examining what happened by going through Beyond This Divorce.

Beyond This Divorce is a series of videos, assessments and curriculum to help you get past your divorce. Throughout this series, we encourage you to be transparent so that you can heal from your divorce. We strategically work through a vision of who we are becoming for the greatest, positive impact.  The capacity to thrive must be nurtured, mentored, and encouraged through an intentional plan for lasting health.   Neither women nor men are made emotionally, spiritually or physically to raise children by themselves.  Our team will help you reflect on your marriage and discover how you failed, made mistakes and brought some expectations into your marriage that went unfulfilled

Beyond This Divorce Participants Will Experience:

  • Healing From the Divorce
  • Character Transformation
  • Deeper Relationships With Family and Friends
  • Improved Leadership
  • More Self-Awareness and Better Able to Manage Emotions
  • A Connected Community
  • A Reconnection To Their Children
  • Tips On How to Date, Blend Families and Move On

Our team wants to help you get Beyond This Divorce.  Will you allow us to join you in this journey?

Why Was It Written

Todd Melloh, President and Founder of Beyond This, wants to partner with you because his passion is to help transform lives through mentoring, our assessments and curriculum in all seasons of life, including divorce.

That’s why we created Beyond This Divorce.  Unfortunately, in 2002, Todd went through his own divorce.  After 11 years of marriage his ex-wife, Susie and him got divorced.  They have two boys together, Luke and Evan, which made things much harder. There were many reasons why they got divorced.  Each of them spent years going through the painful process to help them get Beyond This Divorce. They have been on the other side for more than 15 years now.

Todd remarried in 2006 to Carrie.  They have two boys together too, Graham and Hudson.  Todd says that he is so blessed because Susie and Carrie get along great.  Susie sits with them at church, she has watched Todd and Carrie’s boys, traveled together to baseball tournaments, had dinner together, and many other things.

Regardless where you are, there’s hope for you.  Follow our plan and you too can have a similar result if you work hard at it and decide that you want to get Beyond This Divorce.