More Testimonials from People Whose Lives Were Changed Through Beyond This

It was life-changing. it was a class that really challenged me to look at myself and examine myself before I pointed the finger at other people. Brady Brown, Beyond This Class Alumni

Beyond for 12th graders is a great curriculum for getting your seniors ready for life after school. They’ll find out and explore their passions, ways of serving, how to manage their finances, what makes a man/woman, and much more. Spencer Heaton, Beyond This Teacher, Columbus Christian

I walked out knowing, I have to get a job, I have need to go to school, I need to start my career. I felt ready and confident to do those things and it was because of Beyond.  Kris Bowman, Beyond This Class Alumni

The class helped him know what real life was going to be about. Lisa Almert, Parent of Beyond This Student

It let me understand where I was in my life! Thank you! Katelyn Pivonka, Cathedral High School Peer Mentor

The class made me realize that I need to be more of a man and put off the childish ways.  Caleb Wilkerson, Beyond This Class Alumni

“I learned a lot more about myself and my strengths and weaknesses.” Lauren Helmen, Cathedral High School Peer Mentor

I learned so much and became so much more of a confident person. I would never trade that.  Hannah Sells, Beyond This Class Alumni

“It opened my eyes as to how I should apply the lessons to my life.” Maria Ugo, Cathedral High School Peer Mentor

This isn’t just a class. It’s about stepping out of school and being serious about our spiritual lives, our individual lives with our parents, our friends. Dillon Eason,  Beyond This Class Alumni

That class was one of the most helpful things in figuring out exactly, to a “T” what my passions are and how to pursue them.  Hannah Slack, Beyond This Class Alumni

They go beyond academics. They go into actual, practical real-life lessons.  Justin Morris, Parent of Beyond This Student

It was eye-opening. It was challenging. It was serious. Monica Gray, Beyond This Class Alumni

The Beyond instructors were amazing. They treated us as adults. They actually wanted to get to know me.  Nick Marlatt, Beyond This Class Alumni

Through that class we started talking about things that I don’t think she would have ever talked to me about. Janelle Werbil, Parent of Beyond This Student

Having my parents give me their blessing and acknowledge me as a young man, that was really special for me because before that I was just a scared little boy. Bryce Dillon, Beyond This Class Alumni

It gave him his life is what it did. And it gave us our life back as a family. Mrs. Marlatt,  Parent of Beyond This Student

Beyond the classroom, beyond academics, it shows them their purpose and gives these teenagers the opportunity to discover that at such an early age. There is nothing more important.  Jessie Newton, School Administrator

I feel much more confident in my ability to lead others.  Lindy Parr, Cathedral High School Peer Mentor