Beyond This Hunger

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Will You Fast To Fight Hunger? 

Your donations of the cost the food you would have eaten will help those without enough to eat participate in the transformational program, Beyond This Hunger

As a celebration of the 13th Annual FHL Week, FAITH HOPE AND LOVE COMMUNITY is launching the Beyond This Hunger campaign to help Central Indiana families get beyond their reoccurring hunger circumstances.

The Beyond This Hunger event brings community leaders, celebrities, CEO’s, and business owners together to fight hunger in Central Indiana.  From July 22-28, during FHL week, they have pledged to eat only one meal per day: 0-breakfast, 0-lunch, but 1-supper.  We believe that only by experiencing hunger can we shed light on the plight of the hungry.

As part of the campaign, we are asking the participants to journal about their experience through social media, emails, phone calls, and to talk about it with those they interact with on a daily basis.  Participants will then donate the cost of the food they would have eaten, along with any other donations they receive.

Will you join us and fast to help fight hunger and then tell others about your experience?

Our goal is to raise enough money for 100 impoverished Central Indiana families to participate in a 20-week Beyond This program. This transformational program will help teach families how to get out of their current situation and get Beyond This Hunger.

To donate and join our cause please follow this link:

About Beyond This

Beyond This, a nonprofit organization, helps people in all stages of life to define their God-given strengths and talents, helping to clarify a unique life plan that gives life passion, purpose and hope for the future.  By helping to change one life at a time, Beyond This strives to positively impact the world.

About Faith Hope and Love

Faith Hope and Love Community is a catalyst for change by engaging in relationships with food insecure neighbors on their path to self- sufficiency.  Poverty creates real challenges for individuals, their families, and our communities. Growing numbers of Indianapolis residents are struggling to make enough money to consistently feed and support their families. Despite our community’s heroic efforts, far too many people continue to go hungry and require food assistance. Simply distributing food won’t address deeper-seated challenges the food insecure population face such as training and education, healthy living, job entry, etc.