What it is:  This one-day Cox Leadership Summit will lay the groundwork for helping your child discover new things about themselves and others, leading to a new confidence in facing difficult life situations. The day combines inspirational speakers, age-specific leadership and service activities, as well as tubing at Koteewi Run Sledding Park. For more details, click here

When:  Monday, January 20 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.   

Where:  Purgatory Golf Club, 12160 E. 216th St., Noblesville IN. During the day, students will be transported to Koteewi Run Sledding Park (about 5 minutes away) for an hour-and-a-half of tubing and will then return to Purgatory where parents may pick them up.  

Cost: $55 

To Register:  Follow This Link 


Other Information 

If Dropping Off: Parents are asked to come inside to check in their child.  

Parent Area:  There will be an area for parents who wish to stay for some or part of the day.  

Lunch:  Will be provided. If your child has dietary restrictions, please pack a lunch. 

Pick-Up:  Though pick-up is at 6 p.m., parents are encouraged to join us at 5 p.m. when we recap the day and students will have an opportunity to give their feedback. Parents, please come into the lobby to sign out your child.  

What to Bring:   

  • Water bottles 
  • Snack  
  • Outerwear and boots for Sledding 

What Not to Bring: Any student in possession of any of these items will be asked to leave.  

  • Alcohol, tobacco, vape pens, firearms or any weapon, iPads, iPod, headphones, ear buds

Motivational Talks

April Ervin, a professional leadership consultant; someone who knows how to motivate your child to unearth their true potential.

Alfonso Carter, a dynamic speaker, coach and youth leader; someone who knows how to speak to the heart of your child.

Leadership Academy Activities

Age-specic breakout groups are designed to be a fun way for students to discover new things about themselves; to harness their unique, individual abilities to become the best versions of themselves.

Service Programs

Students will have an opportunity to participate in various on-site service projects. (May qualify for some school’s service requirements.)


Students will be transported to Koteewi Run in Noblesville for an hour-and- a-half of fun sledding adventures with their new community of friends.

In honor of Courtney Cox Cole:  

“My biggest lesson is that life is truly a gift. . .and it is up to us to make the absolute most of it.”  

Courtney Cox Cole – An Inspirational Leader

Beyond This has dedicated our Leadership Summit to Courtney Cox Cole, who recently died of lung cancer. She was a motivating example of a person who fought to be the best in everything she did –  as an athlete in high school becoming a 1989 Indiana Basketball All-Star, to her career as a keen businesswomen and co-owner of Hare Chevrolet, to the bravery and dignity which she used to fight cancer.  

To learn more about Courtney Cox Cole, follow this link to a Sept. 24, 2019 article in the Indy Star detailing her life.